Welcome to the official site of me, Jon McCracken. I'm a 30-year-old drummer/percussionist in Los Angeles, CA with 24 years playing experience, and over a decade of recording and international touring experience. From 2008 to 2010, I attended the drum program at Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, and since then I have been playing with many bands and artists in the US and internationally. Today, I play for a variety of acts including the legendary group The Chambers Brothers, blues legend Guitar Shorty, and the critically acclaimed Rolling Stones tribute band, Jumping Jack Flash. If you are in need of a drummer, and would like to know more about myself, be sure to check out my RESUME for more of my playing experience and skills. You can also see videos of my performances, pics of me, groups I've played with, and stages I've performed on in the GALLERY. To see if I'm playing at a venue near you, check out the TOUR page to see all of my upcoming gigs for the year. And if you like what you see, feel free to contact me anytime using the CONTACT page. Thank you for visiting jonmccracken.com, and enjoy my site!*

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Jon McCracken

September 8, 2020

NEWS: Well, we're 2 years into the COVID pandemic. No wait.... 6 months. I believe boredom has finally kicked in, because I've decided to record myself playing my favorite songs from home! Introducing Jon's Jrum Jams: a sporadically-posted video series where I play along to various songs by various artists. The first installment is for one of my all time favorite drummers, Keith Moon! The world lost Keith 42 years ago yesterday in 1978. Unfortunately, due to being born in 1990, I never got to see him live. However, I do get the great honor of portraying him in the Who tribute band The Who Experience. It's an amazing, fun, exhausting opportunity to honor one of my heroes (drug addiction excluded), and I hope I'm doing justice with that. So, in honor of Mr. Moon the Loon, I'm jump starting this video series with one of my favorite songs to play, "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who!

Be sure to check back for more Jrum Jam videos! More will be posted HERE.

Jon McCracken

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Jon McCracken

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